Cod-liver oil

Cod-liver oil is a version of animal fat which contains in fish and which receive from it. Especially with it the sea species of fish, the North Sea living in cold waters – a herring, a mackerel and others are rich.

Fish fat - a natural all-strengthening product with the big content of vitamins A and D, and also polynonsaturated fatty acids. As a part of cod-liver oil Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which in the natural form don't meet in fats an animal, a phytogenesis much contain.

Useful influence of cod-liver oil

As a part of cod-liver oil vitamin A contains. Thanks to its existence in an organism the speed of healing of wounds increases, besides it slows down aging processes. At its enough sight of the person becomes stronger, and also exchange processes in an organism improve. Vitamin A is widely used for weight correction. Receiving it in necessary quantity, the organism gains additional resistance to infections.

Cod-liver oil contains vitamin D which carries out important function when strengthening bone fabric. It quite often include in a diet of young growth and productive animals. Thanks to vitamin D the organism acquires calcium better. At its lack of a bone become fragile and fragile, there are periodic muscular pains, an organism more yazvy for infections, even there can sometimes be a cancer of intestines.

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