Fish meal

Fish meal represents fodder product as raw materials for which fish and waste from her processing serves. It is a source of the high-quality protein rich with everything, and the main thing, irreplaceable amino acids: lysine, treoniny and methionine. Fish meal contains important for organism activity fatty acids, vitamins (A, B12, D and others) and minerals (iron, calcium and phosphorus).

Fish meal use as an additive to compound feed with which feed pets and a bird. Thanks to fatty acids the Omega the 3rd organism increases quantity of a hormone of the progesterone raising its reproductive characteristics. Other components of fish meal are used in the course of growth of animals and increase development of their vital systems.

Thanks to daily consumption by animals of compound feed with fish meal the following indicators are reached:

fertility increases;
product cost decreases;
growth rate of animals increases;
the immune system of animals is stimulated;
comprehensibility an organism of nutrients increases;
the yaytsenosnost increases.
Fish meal receive as follows: fish, her bones, an interior, and also products from its processing mill in the beginning after that boil in special coppers and in end dry up. There are two methods of drying: steam and thermal. Fish meal which was dried on couple, differs bigger safety of nutrients, than that which passed fire processing.

The Rosrybsbyt company realizes fish meal of the highest quality. Results of laboratory researches you can look on a site in our quality.